Tradition, integrity, commitment to excellence and dedication to the cause of equal justice for all are among the hallmarks that have defined the law firm of Brophy, Mills, Schmor, Gerking & Brophy during its nearly six decades of existence. Founded in 1942 by a later member and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Brophy Mills is one of the oldest and most respected law firms.

From corporate boardrooms to courtrooms, from state and national politics to State Bar and community service, the firm’s members, past and present, have represented their clients and constituents with honor and distinction. Few law firms have had as many present and former members in leadership positions in highest appellate court, the United States Congress, the Legislature, the State Bar’s Board of Governors, the Bar’s Board of Examiners, the Bar’s Professional Responsibility Board and countless other State Bar Boards and committees and community civic and nonprofit organizations.

The firm’s 9 attorneys focus on a wide range of commercial and civil litigation services that include business, corporations, limited liability companies, transactions, technology, real estate, estate planning, trust and probate, labor and employment, creditor’s rights, education law and commercial and insurance litigation and appeals. It is a full service law firm that historically has been a cutting-edge leader in the dissemination of legal services for its varied clientele and it is resolved to remain in that role for the rapidly growing Southern population.

To meet this challenge, the firm emphasizes the highest standards of professionalism and continuing legal education and keeps abreast of technological advances by investing in state-of-the-art computer and telecommunications equipment. Legal research remains vital, and the firm’s computer research technology is complemented by its more traditional, extensive law library. These resources provide members with the ability to quickly and efficiently provide clients with up-to-date legal services of the highest quality.

The firm is also proud of its exceptional esprit-de-corps. This quality is, perhaps, best exemplified by the fact that many present members have practiced together for over 20 years, and retired members for more than 39 years. The cohesiveness of the firm is also reflected in the longevity of its support staff, many of whom have been with the firm for more than 20 years. Such continuity makes the firm special, indeed unique, in today’s mobile society.

These qualities have attracted and forged long-standing relationships with numerous significant business, civic and individual clients,including national and local corporations, school districts, and major insurance companies.

Brophy, Mills, Schmor, Gerking & Brophy, a firm steeped in tradition, prepared for the future and dedicated to continuing its service to society and the efficient and diligent delivery of legal services.