Exceptional Client Services
The attorneys and staff at Brophy Mills are committed to providing our clients with professional legal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our experience, innovation and dedication to our clients’ interests allow us to do so. Because we realize that the legal work we perform has a very significant impact on our clients, we listen to our clients objectives and keep them at the forefront of every legal matter we undertake. We also understand that our clients expect personal and responsive service. Therefore, we strive to keep them informed as to the progress of their case and respond to their requests and questions in a timely manner. Our goal is not only to provide a satisfactory result for our clients, but also to earn their trust and confidence in order to build long-term relationships with them. In short, we do not want to just meet our clients’ expectations, we want to exceed them.

Billing For Our Services
First and foremost, clients want a satisfactory result to their legal problems. For most clients, achieving that result at a fair and reasonable cost is also a major concern. Generally, our attorneys bill for their services on an hourly basis, with rates varying depending on the type of legal matter and the experience level of the attorney. Occasionally, however, we will accept representation on a contingent fee basis. New clients are often requested to sign engagement letters, outlining the scope of our representation of them and the manner in which they will be billed. Advance retainers are also required for some legal matters in order to cover some of our attorney fees, costs, and out-of-pocket expenses. Once the matter is concluded, any remaining balance from the retainer is returned to the client.

During the course of our legal representation, we will bill our clients on a monthly or periodic basis, in keeping with our fee agreement. The billing statement describes in detail the services we have provided to that date, as well as the fees and costs we have advanced in providing those services. All bills are payable in full upon receipt. In order to provide efficient and cost-effective services, our attorneys and staff work as a team to maximize our talents and achieve our clients’ objectives. When legal research is necessary to arrive at an answer, our firm is equipped with an extensive library and many of the latest technological tools to allow us to perform that research quickly and accurately. Our attorneys spend the time required to reach the correct legal answer or solution, but we will not waste time and money on things that will not contribute to our clients’ goals.

Office Hours
Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except for major holidays. However, our attorneys are willing to meet at other times and locations that are convenient for our clients. If you would like to make an appointment with one of our attorneys, simply call our office to speak personally with the attorney of your choice.