Personal Injury Attorneys – Wrongful Death Law

Personal Injury Attorneys – Wrongful Death Law

A claim for wrongful death describes a cause of action that may be brought be the heirs of the decedent (the person who passed away). In its most basic form, wrongful death is when someone dies because of the actions of another person. Fatal automobile accidents, botched surgeries, even rock climbing accidents can all lead to wrongful death claims.personal injury lawMoew Information here @

One purpose of a wrongful death case is to compensate the heirs for the harm or damages they personally suffered as a result of the death. Generally, in a wrongful death claim, the heirs may recover for loss of consortium, loss of comfort and society, and the value of the contributions the decedent would have made to the heirs’ support education, training, and care. This last section is sometimes described as lost wages, but that’s not entirely correct. Because wrongful death is focused on the survivors, that section actually deals with what percentage of the decedent’s earnings could have been passed on to the survivors.

The damages for wrongful death are the damages of the heirs which occur because of the wrongful death. They are not damages that were sustained by the decedent. Those may be recovered as well, but in a separate action known as a survivorship claim. These two claims are closely related, but focus on different aspects of the law.

Ironically, the survivorship action focuses on the person who died while the wrongful death claim is for the living.

If you believe you have a wrongful death claim it is important that you act quickly. Waiting too long can impair your attorney’s ability to investigate and develop your case, but it could also completely end things before they even start. Texas has a two year statute of limitations on wrongful death cases. This means that a wrongful death claim mud the brought within 2 years or it can never be pursued. The time starts running upon the death of the victim. Please click on this link @

But why wait at all? Most wrongful death attorneys offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and explain your rights. Obviously I hope you will contact the wrongful death lawyers at our firm, but whatever you decide, please see someone sooner than later.

Personal Injury Lawyer: Public Transportation Accidents

Personal Injury Lawyer Public Transportation Accidents

Many residents are interested in reducing their carbon footprint, and choose public transportation to get to and from work, school or other activities. Rarely is it considered that a serious accident will occur while a passenger on a bus or train. Unfortunately, as has been proven in the past, these accidents do happen and when they do, serious and life-threatening injuries are usually the result. When one is a passenger on a bus or train, or is driving in the vicinity of one of these large vehicles, there are certain hazards that are inherent in the situation. personal injury attorneys-bus accident lawyers-car accident law
Buses are large and heavy, and the passengers are not required to wear seatbelts, and when an accident occurs, there are usually many injured. The individuals can fly around the cabin of the bus and suffer terrible head, spine and neck injuries, as well as soft tissue injuries and fractures. Internal injuries are not uncommon in such accidents. Any such incident requires the skill of a bus accident attorney at once.

Injured in a bus or train accident?

Those that share the streets and freeways with large vehicles are always at risk when driver error takes place. In train accidents, although the trains are run to some degree electronically, the engineer has certain responsibilities that if they fail to perform properly can result in deadly train crashes, either with other vehicles at crossings or other trains head on. Such disasters may fill our TV screen for days, but if you are an individual who was involved, you understand the terror and pain that is part of these devastating accidents. It is critical that you enlist the assistance of a personal injury lawyer from our law firm at once if you have been involved in such an accident while a passenger on public transportation.

There are less serious injuries that still require legal representation, such as slip and fall injuries while a passenger. When dealing with the insurance company that handles the liability coverage of the bus or train company, it is important that your attorney is experienced, aggressive and ready to fight on your behalf. As insurance companies are very concerned with reducing claims, if you proceed without strong legal representation you may receive a settlement that is far lower than one would expect after suffering a train or bus injury accident.

Contact a bus and train accident attorney from our firm today. More information from our car accident attorneys here

Personal Injury Law – Trucking Accident Attorney

The very nature of large commercial trucks lends itself to serious accidents. There are many types of trucking accidents and many ways in which they can occur. If you have been injured in a trucking accident or have lost a loved one in a truck accident, you will hear many references to the specific type of accident in which you or your loved one was involved, and you may not be familiar with all of these terms and what they really mean.


A jackknife trucking accident is one of the most well-known types of trucking accidents. In a jackknife accident, the trailer passes the cab of the truck. This happens when the cab stops or slows down faster than the trailer can stop or slow down. A jackknife can easily escalate into a rollover.

Defective braking systems are a common cause of jackknifing. Driver error can also result in jackknifing.

When a jackknife trucking accident does not turn into a rollover, it can still cause a multi-car pileup. The trailer may also swipe many vehicles as it swings around to the side.


When any kind of vehicle rolls, it can cause severe injuries and death. When a big rig rolls, it can take out numerous vehicles in its path, and cause a multi-car pileup in its wake. Rollover accidents can be caused by:

Defective roadways
Tire failure
“Slosh effect” in tanker trucks
Imbalanced loads
Brake failure
Carelessness or inattention by the driver, “Driver Error”
Turning Accidents

Semi tractor-trailer trucks must make very wide turns because they are so long. When they make a right-hand turn, they have to swing out to accident injury lawyersthe justify first. When they do that, they leave an opening to their right and sometimes other drivers pull into that open space. Cars that enter that space can easily be crushed as the truck makes its turn. Truck drivers must proceed slowly and carefully when making any type of turn and should be alert for the possibility that car drivers may not anticipate the pathway that the truck will take. Trucks, due to their sheer size and weight, are much more dangerous than other vehicles. With greater danger comes greater responsibility, and drivers must be trained and alert and must use caution at all times.

Rear-End Collisions

Big commercial trucks require more stopping distance than an average passenger vehicle. If a commercial truck driver follows a car too closely, the truck can easily rear-end that car. Truck drivers must maintain a safe following distance and should not, under any circumstances, drive faster than prudent under the existing conditions. On the other hand, careless drivers who cut off big trucks can also cause these rear-end collisions. Such drivers can also cause other types of trucking accidents when truck drivers attempt to avoid a rear-end collision.


The underride accident is the most gruesome and deadly type of trucking accident. Just as the term implies, it happens when a car passes under the trailer of a big truck, shearing off or crushing the occupant space of the vehicle. Underride accidents may result in:


If you have been injured or a loved one has been injured or killed in a trucking accident, please contact our trucking accident lawyers today. We handle trucking accident cases on a contingency fee basis.

Our firm charges a reasonable percentage of the recovery if we win the case or obtain a settlement. If there is no recovery, you will not owe us an attorney’s fee. If we represent you in a truck accident case, we will also advance all court costs and other expenses necessary to pursue the case. If we obtain a recovery, we will be reimbursed for the advanced expenses from the recovery, but if there is no recovery, you will not owe us anything for the expenses or for attorney’s fees.

Let us review your case confidentially without charge or obligation.